Athletes That Make Looking Cool Seem Effortless

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Athletes That Make Looking Cool Seem Effortless


Whether it is just another day in grade school or a trip to a local park, being cool is rarely seen in a negative light. From the extensive spending on new clothes and attire to the vast amount of unnecessary purchases or even the profound use of vulgarity, these days, kids seem to do whatever they can to look cool. Even though the definition of the word cool is ambiguous as some people believe some things are cooler than others, it is reasonable to say that certain people in the public;s eye are cooler than others.


When looking at examples of very cool people in our lives, a pattern emerges. Not only do professional athletes make a lot of money, but they appear to be cool in the view of many people worldwide. This article will take a look at some examples of athletes that have managed to look cool without displaying much effort.


  1. Usain Bolt


Not only does having the last name "Bolt" make him cool, but everything else about Usain Bolt furthers his effortless cool. Best known for the lightning bolt gesture that he performs after being successful in a race, Bolt is the embodiment of easy achievable cool. Originally from Jamaica, who he participates for in the Olympics, Bolt rose in prominence and coolness after getting his first Olympic gold medal in the 2008 Beijing games. Since then Bolt's coolness raised along with his medal total as he gathered numerous advertising deals and increased popularity. Nowadays Bolt's trademark winning lightning bolt pose along with his iconic style generates interest and support wherever he goes. Not only does Usain Bolt make running fast effortless but looking cool as well.


  1. Muhammad Ali


Often known for being the reason that the term G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) was created and much more, Muhammad Ali reinvented what it meant to be cool effortlessly decades ago. Some prime examples of Ali's coolness can be found in his famous quotes and rhymes before his fights. Ali is known for some of the memorable quotes of all-time, as ne widely known quote that has inspired generations, "float like a butterfly or sting like a bee, his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see," shows how much bravado and swagger Ali had during his heyday. By intimidating and making fun of his opponents and carrying himself well, Ali remained very cool in the public's eye. Overall, looking back at Muhammad Ali's career in the ring reveals a great example of an athlete who has made the often difficult task of being cool very simple.


  1. Michael Jordan


One of the greatest to ever set foot on the basketball court, Michael Jordan has refined what it means to be cool and such reaped the benefit of effortless cool. From his high-flying dunks to the numerous game winners he has secured on the court, much of MJ's achievements help him look cool without much effort. One of the largest displays of Jordan's cool aspect would be the success of his Jordan brand with Nike. Almost everything about Jordan is synonymous with being cool even though all of the work that has got him to this point mostly goes unnoticed. Michael Jordan's success in and outside of the basketball court makes him look cool easily.

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