Our story

Midwest originals since 2010- Not Human started out hustling shirts out the trunk of a car in what started out as just a couple of friends coming together to bring a different vibe to a small town.  After years of grinding, networking, struggling, and winning the hearts of the american people, Not Human has created its own flavor and has set out to be Wichita's favorite and the most popular clothing brand to arise from the Midwest of America's heartland. Voted by over 4,000 local people during a poll, we are the leading brand in town. With how hard it is for us to meet demand we can't thank our fans enough for being so loyal and dedicated to the clothing we make and for helping us reach the top spot! We are always selling out because everyone in town wants to be apart of the movement that is Not Human.


We are the movement and the time is now. With a very strong influence in every US state and multiple countries around the world, Not Human has made a name for itself in every household and has been featured all over hollywood and in movies and on celebrities like Wale, Kid ink, Future and Mac Miller and Migos. With all of that, as kids, we could have never imagined the clothing brand taking us as far as it has we have always been known as the most humble people in town and we don't let the fame affect us at all we affect the fame, end of story. We are the leading apparel brand in our home town of Wichita, Kansas, and we have collaborated with other companies in town to further our movement including radio station Power 93.5 with Greg Williams and charities like the Boys and Girls club and schoosl like East High school working with the students and Aspire with Thomas Phan handles to handle our videos and media for the brand as well as one of the hottest rising photographers to arise from the Midwest, Colton Aranda. Our founders do not let all the attention get to their heads though, they just work off if it and turn it into results because simplicity is key. With all that said it's not hard to see how were NOT HUMAN WORLDWIDE from every block of our city because we have the city behind us #wichita


Live by the Motto.

Live like you mean it, look like you love it


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Want to meet us in person? Stop by the Not Human Space Station in at the Town East Mall in Wichita, KS to see exactly what we have to offer. we also are in town east now so come by and say hello and buy a few things to support local

Not Human Space Station Page

Opened January 9th, 2016, the Not Human Space Station is a premier multi brand retail clothing store that is providing urban wear, shoes, sneakers, electronics and street style to the Greater Wichita Area.

Live it like you mean it. It's just us. #NOTHUMAN