Not Human Space Station

Not Human Space Station

The Not Human Space Station, is a premier retail hotspot serving the public some of the freshest clothing and shoes the Greater Area of Wichita has ever seen. This includes popular brands from all over the nation, each one 100% dope, as well as rare dead stock Nike's, retro Jordan's, Kobe's,
LeBron's, KD's and more. Some of the urban street wear sold at the Space Station range from hoodies, shirts, jackets, long tees, long sleeve t-shirts, women's crop tops, tank tops, snapback hats, strap back hats, headphones, smart watches, music from local Wichita artists, Wichita represented gear, tons of accessories and more. Not only that but many locals brands grown and developed right here in Wichita can be found at the Space Station to give you that hometown original look you have been searching for!

BRANDS: Not Human, Reason, ArtistiCreation, Dope, Entrée, Bad News Company, Antimosity, Inner City Peace, ICTSOCKS, Overdose, Seize & Desist, Mars Mansion, Urban Vogue, Breezy Excursion, Square Zero, RockSmith, Civil and more!

Stop by 12-8 PM Monday through Saturday at 139 N Mead St, Wichita, KS, 67207 .

Located at 139 N Mead st, WIchita, KS 67202. Click for Google Maps location


The Not Human Space Station store is the first physical store for the popular urban brand, Not Human Clothing. Established in 2010, Not Human strives to bring some of the dopest designs to the world as we know it that are guaranteed to make you feel fresh and look good. With influence in every US state and over 10 difference countries around the world, Not Human has made a name for itself and has been featured on some of the largest names in the urban pop culture industry.

Not Human Space Station, opened on Jan 9th, 2016 and brings Old Town Wichita the touch of style it has been longing for in the urban fashion scene. The store features urban streetwear apparel ranging from T Shirts, hoodies, jackets, socks, hats and a wide variety of dead stock Nike's, Jordan's, KD's, Kobe's and more. Not only that but many of the brands carried by Space Station were created right here in the city of Wichita. Stop by and get a taste of what original Wichita style is all about.

Not Human Team

The team consists of Cory Barnes, COO, and Tevin Jacques, CEO. Together we create the synergies needed to run Wichita's hottest urban apparel store because for most of this 21st Century, Wichita has needed a hip and trendy fashion store that can bring you brands from all over the nation and shoes never before seen other then in the unoriginal stores you find in the local mall that are in almost any other city. It takes a team of great magnitude to be able to pull something like this together and keep up with the demands all of our loving fans have for new threads but to say the least, we have you covered when it comes to keeping you geared up to the MAX!

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If you're interested in becoming part of the Space Station team, please apply at the following link.

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Wichita premier final friday venue for artists


Wichita premier final friday venue for artists to display artwork and for people to check out dope gear



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snap backs, strap back hats, shoes and ball shoes
A few of the snap backs, strap back hats, shoes and ball shoes we have to offer.


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